Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In the news..

The Adventures of Andy presents:
In The News
State pans decision to show inmates 'Brokeback Mountain'
Gay cowboy movie to be shown at stat prison.
Well, that's one way to get more people to see this movie. Nobody saw it in the theaters and you don't get a more captive audience than inmates!

Second from the Sun: European Probe Enters Venus Orbit
Europe's Venus Express probe entered orbit around Venus early Tuesday to begin a planned 16-month mission to study a planet.
Why does it not surprise me that a space mission from Europe would go to the planet where all the women are supposedly from?

Air trends 'amplifying' warming
Reduced air pollution and increased water evaporation appear to be adding to man-made global warming.
So Global warming was caused by air pollution... and now it's being caused by clean air... how bout it's a natural phenonomon that is beyond human controll!

I promise better joke next week!

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