Sunday, June 04, 2006

Stop Bitching And Start A Revolution!

I have new neighbors.

I Know I didn't mention this earlier, but here's the skinny. My new neighbors are... well... hippies.

Yes it's true... whereas I have not met the "boyfriend" or the children I have met the young lady who is currently going to school and claims to have once been pre-med. However I just don't know how much faith I'd have in a chain smoking highly tattooed doctor with a deadhead sticker on the back of her Honda Passport.

Okay, so yeah, hippies.

So this weekend the neighbors had houseguests.

No complaints here, but I did notice a number of bumper stickers on the houseguest's car. Such eloquent sayings such as "WWOD: What would Ozzy Do"; "Don't blame me I voted for Kerry"; and my favorite "Stop Bitching Start A Revolution."

Now this sentiment got me thinking. What if the left started a revolution. Let's see who they've got on their side.

and the gays.

Good enlistment. We've got the NRA and Wal Mart. Game, Set, Match!

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Anonymous said...

I like all your blogs SOOOOOOOOOOOO Much that I need to tell you that the last time that you wrote one was seven days ago...time for another one. What is on the unpredictable mind if Andy...giddy up!!