Friday, September 01, 2006


Comments from Dustin on Women and how they view themselves:
I was talking with a co-worker (female) on the subject of weight loss and/or self-image for females. Pretty gutsy, huh? Well, she made a comment that girls always are very sensitve about weight because of how guys expect or want them to look.

I told her that was false. I said that girls watch their figure and try to lose weight to impress OTHER WOMEN, not guys. I went on to say that women think guys care a lot about women's weight and stuff, but we guys really don't care that much on the average. When she asked me why guys talk about really hot women and want to approach them because they were thin, I responded by saying that guys do that to impress OTHER GUYS.

I went on to say that women shouldn't worry about weight and if they would just eat and exercise moderately their body will find it's ideal weight and they will be healthier than being too thin for what they are meant to.

Here is what I did not say. Basically, all that worry is a waste of time and causes them to be bitchy. Guys don't like bitchy women. We guys would certainly put up with an extra (at least) 10 lbs. if the women would all be happy. We don't like mean stick women, we like happy and healthy women!

Basically what he's saying is we don't need you to be an anorexic bitch... we just need you to not be a bitch!


Darkwater said...

I actually find the skinnier the woman the nicer (a lot of times, not all). Bigger women tend to obsess on how much they hate skinny women and they take it out on men. That makes them unpleasant to be around.

Skinny women are nicer because every guy's nice to them, even if they know its just as pretense to sleep with them. At least they're nice.

That of course doesn't work for skinny woman who are ugly. That reminds me - its really bad when an overweight woman loses weight and is still ugly (think Star Jones), because then they're all out of options short of obvious plastic surgery.

But then again, I knew an ugly skinny woman who got a facelift and decided that it was excuse to show off the rest of her sagging body around the office.

Robot women can't come soon enough. At least they'll have a "mute" button.

Annie Street said...

Oh my gawd, I can't believe I didn't see this one before now!

Skinny woman here! I'm usually very nice, but I can also be moody and cranky. And when I was chubby (5'2" tall and 148 pounds at my heaviest), I had the same personality as I do now.

I guess my point is this - slim, heavy, ugly, average, or gorgeous...women can and will be bitches!

Confession: Now that I'm thin, I sometimes wish I could gain about 10-15 pounds just so it wouldn't be so hard to find clothes that fit me!