Sunday, October 01, 2006

Where Somebody Occasionally Might Recall Your Face But Is Drawing A Blank On The Name

The Backstreet Pub is closed!

I recall the day I first saw my condo and was standing on the front porch with my realtor pointing at the sign in the back of the strip mall across the street and saying, “I drink there!”

Yes, walking distance from a place that has Miller Lite on tap is a selling point in my book!

But last weekend Brett and I were having a couple beers and he pointed out to me that the booths up against the window were gone and that one of the plasma TVs was removed.

Me being an optimist asked the bartender on duty why all the changes. Her line was that they were having the carpet cleaned. That sounded reasonable enough. However on Wednesday Brett emailed me to tell me it had closed.

So now I am a man without a home.

Thursday night I walked into the Gooseneck Tavern in Powell. Immediately Kristy, the lovely bartender on duty, knew why I was there.

Friday, I tried Chubbys… unfortunately it’s a bar run like a resturant, so at 1:00. That’s about the time I still had 5 songs left on the jukebox.

The Backstreet used to let me stay at least until the jukebox ran out.

I ran into Jason at Spoonz… That was the first bar I knew about when I moved to Columbus. I also haven’t closed that place down in quite some time. He told me that he and some mutual friends go to The Hard Road CafĂ© for the Buckeye games. So Saturday after the Buckeyes beat Iowa 35-21 I traveled to Hard Road for a beer, or three.

Not everybody knew my name there, but at least a few familiar faces, cold beer and I got to listen to the worlds worst rendition of “Feed My Frankenstein”. Saturday night is Karaoke night at the Hard Road… That’s why Saturdays I usually went to the Backstreet.

I need a beer!


Martin said...

I am so sorry Andy... I feel your pain. A good bar is hard to find... So very hard to find...

azoric said...

and sometimes the best substitute for a GOOD bar is a CLOSE bar!

Anonymous said...

try going to j. lindsays. same guy who designed backstreet built and owns this bar. same laid-back friendly atmosphere. j.lindsays is in the bethel-sawmill center and shares a back parking lot with sawmill lanes.