Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The pot calling the kettle black

I heard a review on the radio about a new book depicting the Reagan presidency. The radio personality gave it a great review and said it was the best book he’s ever read.

Having my interest grabbed I did about thirty seconds of Googling (the maximum allowed given my internet-age attention span) I found what I was looking for on a list of New York Times Best Sellers.

The book was #2 on the nonfiction list and the synopsis reads as follows:
2. The Reagan Diaries, by Ronald Reagan. Edited by Douglas Brinkley.
(HarperCollins, $35.) Selections from the 40th president's daily White House
What shocked me was not that my beloved Ronny was #2 but what exactly was #1, and not so much that it was #1 but the title of the book.
1. The Assault on Reason, by Al Gore. (Penguin Press, $25.95.) How the Bush
administration has degraded the political environment through secrecy, fear, and
rejection of fact-based reasoning.

Now if you told me that Al Gore had a book called “The Assault on Reason” I would have assumed it was a how-to tome detailing techniques for dodging scientific analysis of global warming propaganda.

Of course Gore refuses to debate anyone on global warming which is sad because he is a good debater. He’s taken on impassioned opponents like Ross Perot on NAFTA and had strong showings in the 2000 presidential debates. Yet when someone of intellect like Michael Chriton challenges Gore’s beliefs the former Vice President is nowhere to be found.

Mr. Gore, Reason is not a buffet line. You can’t pick and choose where you apply it.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Gore is profiting all the way to the bank with his "campaign to save the environment”. Federal disclosure documents released before the 2000 election estimate his net worth was $1MM-$2MM. His estimated net worth today is $100MM. He has a big heart and a fat wallet.

azoric said...

I couldn't agree more. People are saying he could enter the presidential race at the last minute trying to steal the democrat's nomination. But honestly, why would he want to? He's making millions (even herard the "b" word uttered around him) so it would be a STEEP paycut he's got an oscar, and he's not accountable to anyone when he makes a scientifically blasphemous statements.