Tuesday, September 02, 2008

In the name of Obama, Amen

Last week Republican Presidential Nominee, John McCain, decided that while he’s locked up the moderate and crossover Democrat vote, he might want to consider working on the Republican vote. This was the determining factor in his choosing pro-life, gun-shooting, animal-killing, oil-drilling, free-market-loving Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his Vice Presidential Nominee.

Psst, Sarah Palin is a girl!

Now this prompted me to notice that Democratic nominee Barack Obama seems to have constant woman issues, first it was Hillary, now it’s this feisty Alaskan babe.

Since it seems to be Women who keep getting in Barack’s way, what would his response be to such opposition. I created the following phony Obama ad and posted it on Rupart Murdoch owned Myspace, specifically sending it to a few Obama-supporting friends.

The replies back were stunning…

First, a girl:
“That’s what I’m talking about… no girls!”

And a Canadian:
“If I were American I would (vote for Obama)…”

Now that I’ve back-handedly stated that Obama Supporters are trampling on the woman’s movement on the way to the Whitehouse, the Obama Supporters just don’t see it like that. To them anything done in the name of Obama is good. From his stance of infanticide to his acceptance as the party’s nominee in front of a Julius Caesar-like Roman Coliseum. It appears you can do anything in front of an Obama supporter when you pretend to be one of them.

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