Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Anything you can do I can do better -Bill Clinton and a blow to feminism (again?)

He was president, she was not
She is secretary of state… he gets hostages released.

While Hillary Clinton goes on late-night cable news shows and asks North Korea to “Call me” it is the former first lady’s husband that actually gets the job done.

Two American journalists were imprisoned in the communist quagmire of North Korea for asking questions that one does not ask of a dictator (Kind of like opposing socialized medicine). Their sentence of hard labor was thought inevitable given the appearent ineptitude of the secretary of state and her department.
But in on his white horse comes… a man!

Feminism has been dealt a severe blow. While the second female Secretary of State can’t get hostages delivered her husband (something no REAL feminist needs) gets the job done.

Well if these liberal feminists don’t work out, there’s a real woman who has stood up for her beliefs, and got to where she was not because she was rebelling against her husband but because of his support.

You expected maybe, Carrie Prejean? That might work too!
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