Friday, April 09, 2010

Life imitates art? Or Who got it backwards?


Remember me? It’s been a while.

But here goes.

I hear President Obama is set to make an appearance on next week’s episode American Idol. The episode is entitled “Idol gives back” and is a charity fundraiser that to date has provided millions in funding for deserving organizations.

Now for the funny part…

Dennis Quaid probably could have made dozens of movies in the past decade playing caricatures of George W. Bush. Naturally, he bears a slight resemblance to the 43th president though slightly more macho looking. Come to think of it, he’s probably more suited to play former Florida Governor, Jeb Bush. But I digress.

Quaid probably didn’t want to be forever type cast as a bumbling commander in chief and wanted the opportunity to play more serious roles, like the commanding officer in “GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra” so he really only satirized President Bush twice. The least memorable of which was a movie called “American Dreamz.”

American Dreamz, from what I recall from the previews (I, like 99% of everybody never actually saw the movie) an unpopular president, who just isn’t that smart, is set up by his staff to appear on a popular music talent show. I swear I am not making it up, you can see all the details here on IMDB.

Normally here I would say something like “You can’t make this stuff up!” But someone obviously did, but I’m not sure what the appropriate phrase is when something so improbable happens in real life that is right out of the plot of a horrible movie? Now we have another unpopular president who seems to have no idea how our economy works, and less of an idea how to fix it now seems to need to be seen on one of the most popular shows just so somebody will applaud when he is speaking. I only wish I were making this stuff up!

There is no doubt that people who make movies are overwhelmingly of the liberal nature. And anyone who has ever spoken to a liberal knows that it’s not just opinion, it’s a consuming mindset. While it is highly unlikely that the makers of “American Dreamz” and Obama’s cabinet are the same people we do know their brain’s work the same way.

Do they really think this will help the president? If it does we could see Obama in a lot more Prime Time situations.

“2 and a Half Men”
Charlie meets the President in a bar they get to talking and after breaking the seal Charlie complains about a burning sensation. After more conversation about Charlie’s lifestyle Barack tells him that it’s probably Gonorrhea and he can get it cured in 3 years once the healthcare bill goes into full swing.

“Undercover Boss”
President Obama works the assembly line at a GM plant. Cars fall apart faster than the US Economy.

Obama goes in for a checkup, and Dr. House is worried that once Obamacare becomes available to all Americans nobody will ever need a doctor again. Obama consoles House by saying he will meet all sorts of new and interesting people in the unemployment line!

Jack Bauer gets shot, President Obama uses the power of Obamacare to heal him.

Obama travels to an alternate timeline where he is still senator, Mitt Romney is president, the American economy is strong, energy independent, and is winning in Iraq and Afghanistan. Obama then tries to nuke the island so he can realign the universe.

It just occurred to me that my description of Lost makes no sense if you haven’t been watching for 6 years!

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