Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lets Talk iPhone

I’ve been planning on buying iPhone 5 for two years now.   That’s about the average life of a phone right?  I purchased the iPhone 3Gs when it first came out because for the first time an iPhone could record video!  And I wanted to take it on my honeymo…. I wanted to take it to Hawaii.
The iPhone 4 came, had some issues, and is now the world awaits iPhone 5.
Or is it iPhone 4s?

Nobody knows until Apple’s big announcement on Tuesday.  But here’s the speculation so far:

Concept iPhone with tapered back.  
I think this design would make it harder 
to play Angry Birds

  1. An aluminum unibidy construction.   This is cool.  The MacBooks are made this way and it makes them smaller and lighter than other computers that are held together by a multi-part chassis. It only makes sense that Apple would include this design into their mobile line.
  2. Smart money is on this feature as an unintended posting of iPhone 5 cases has confirmed that the new iPhone will have a redesigned body.
  3. Improved 8 megapixel Camera.   This is a no-brainer.   All the competing phones have an HD, 8MP camera, why not iPhone? This is just keeping up  with the Joneses…. If by  Joneses you mean Google.
  4. Faster/more processers and Ram.  There is heavy speculation that iPhone 5 will have a full gigabyte of ram, doubling the previous incarnation.  It is assumed to also have the same a5 dual-core processer from the iPad 2.  All the thechnial specs aside, I trust apple’s hardware.  Think about all your friends who have the HTC Android phones.  How many times have they been replaced? I know people who have had to replace their handsets three times in a contract.  My first iPhone is still being used by my dad… and boy is it slow.  But it still works.  Solid!    
  5. Voice Integration.   This could sseriously be a gamechanger in the mobile market.   Don't belive me?  Well this article from Forbes should give you some insight.   iOS has had a voice integration for a while now, but it was fairly limited.  But imagine being able to control most functions of your smartphone without having to touch it?  Wow!  "Gamechanger" is an understatement!
  6. iOS5.  Really that’s all I need to say but there’s a ton of new features in here.   iOS (the system software that runs all Apple mobile devices) was announced at a spring event to be released “in the fall” but no specific timeframe was given.  Typically new hardware follows about 10 days after the big product announcement so I would speculate that, based on previous experience, iOS 5 will be available within 24 hours of the big announcement for existing devices.
    Another "thin" concept iPhone 5

    Features  include:

·         Twitter integration – You can now tweet from Safari
·         iOS Messenger – free texting between iPhones.  Also why you should cash out of your RIM stock IMMEDIATELY as this will finally kill the blackberry
·         Less intrusive update messages.  Lets face it, there’s nothing more annoying during a rousing game of Angry Birds than getting a Fox News update about something not as important as getting 3 stars on a level.  Especially when that alert pops up in the middle of aiming your slingshot.  Now the message will exist in a tab at the top of the screen where you can look at it later, thus helping you to get that 3 star award without interruption.   Believe it or not this is a HUGE deal!
·         iCloud – Very cool technology that lets you sync your phone wirelessly.  It’s about Fraking time for this one!   Though some are complaining that this does not let you stream your media to your phone from your home computer, I’m not sure why this is a big deal.  All iOS devices have a hard drive capable of carrying lots of media anyway.

Facebook is scheduled to launch their new iPad app at the event too.  Let’s hope that the app is more well received than their recent user interface upgrade.  Honestly, I don’t mind it, but that’s another blog post.

So the announcement is next week.  The phones will probably go on sale around the 15th.  I plan on getting my pre-order in as soon as they start accepting those and then I’ll have a kickass phone once again!

You know, I had an iPhone back when having an iPhone made you cool… Now I’m in an exclusive clique called “Everybody”! 

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