Friday, July 06, 2007

Drinking Al Gore’s Cool-Aid

This weekend Al Gore will be hosting rock concerts around the world on each of the Earth’s continents (Antarctica was excluded for it’s obvious lack of participation in the global warming crisis). The concert series is inappropriately titled “Live Earth” when a more appropriate title for something like this, given we’ve had Live Aid and Farm Aid, since we’re trying to cool the earth with massive amounts of electric guitars and lighting effects this concert should be called “Cool Aid” Because if you’re there you’ve obviously already had at least a sip of Al Gore’s.

The Concert venues include New York, Washington D.C., Sydney, Johannesburg, Copenhagen, Hamburg, Rio De Janeiro, Shanghai and Tokyo.

Having been inspired by pop music (something that rarely happens to people not in junior high) I have decided to do my part to help cool the Earth.

I hereby pledge to turn my air conditioner on high at least once a week and open all my windows so that cool air will fly out the windows and cool the Earth.

Now, I can’t do this alone people. I encourage everyone to do this, especially if you have a window unit. Take the unit out, turn it around so that the cool air is blowing outside. You’ll have to get a bucket to collect all the condensation that would otherwise drip on your floor.

Gore Al-colite: But that won’t help global warming.

Andy: No not just one person but everyone working together

Gore Al-colite: Even if you had hundreds of thousands of people blowing air conditioning into the air you couldn’t change the temperature of the earth?

Andy: Then how can hundreds of thousands of people blowing their air conditioners inside their houses cause global warming?


Anonymous said...

I love it! You can count me in!

Funny Post!

Anonymous said...

It appears that everyone around the world is so concerned about the environment that they conserved energy by not watching Live Earth.