Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Playing the Brett Favre Lottery (revised)

Here's a list of every NFL team and the likelihood that one of them will sign Brett favre. Given Favre only wants to start, he really wants to win, and there are salary cap issues to consider. Of course with two years left on his contract the Green Bay Packers aren't just going to let him go to any team who needs an experienced quality quarterback. So assuming the Packers do make a trade, this is a list of teams the Packers are most likely to deal with.

Buffalo****It's as cold as Green Bay, and they probably have the salary room
Kansas City***Does this team even have a quarterback right now?
New York Jets***He's a country boy at heart, but we know he looks good in green
Tampa Bay***John Gruden loves Quarterbacks and would probably be willing to sign Favre
Carolina***Given how banged up they were under center last year you may have John Fox's attention
Washington***Could happen, and this team does like to finagle with salary cap numbers
Seattle***Reunion with Holmgren? And Hasslebeck has experience backing up #4.Okay realistically this should only be a 1-2 star ranking, but a guy can dream can't he?


***When you spend your first pick on Joe Falco, Favre for a year could be an upgrade. Then again after seeing Steve McNair last year Baltimore may be the new place Quarterbacks go to die.
Houston**Matt Schaub was an upgrade from the perpetually sacked David Carr, however Favre would be a better upgrade… if he can be protected
Denver**Willing to look into Favre's glucose levels
Miami**Would be a good one-year mentor for rookie draft pick Chad Henne
Atlanta**Yes, but only if he's an animal lover!
San Francisco**This would make Joe Montana the second best QB to have played in the City by the Bay
Cincinnati*Carson Palmer is still the starter, but depending on how this plays out, Palmer may be taking notes on how to get a new team.
Tennessee*Only if Vince young is willing to switch to slot receiver
San Diego*It really doesn't matter who the QB is here as long as LaDanian Tomlinson is healthy
Oakland*This is JaMarcus Russell's year… to finally see a down
St. Louis*Probably looking more to the future than giving a semi-retired all-star another shot
PittsburghJust resigned Ben, not looking for another starter
ClevelandJust hoping to avoid a
QB controversy without a future hall-of-famer stirring the pot
IndianapolisThey should just rename this team the "Peyton Mannings"
JacksonvilleAfter David Garrard's unbelievably low interception numbers, he's under center for the foreseeable future
New EnglandTwo words: Tom Brady
Green BayHell no!
DetroitTraded out of the division before this happens
MinnesotaTraded out of the division before this happens
New OrleansOf all the offensive tools this team needs, Quarterback is not one of them
DallasCan you say Tony Romo?
New York GiantsOnly Baltimore is stupid enough to replace a quarterback the year after winning a superbowl
PhillidelphiaHow's Brett's 40? What this team really needs is another receiver.

Already has one old guy who thinks he's better than the young hot-shot.

Of course there are other factors, that could be used to further wittle down this list. It's unlikely that the Packers would deal with another playoff team in the NFC. They definately will NOT deal with any team in the NFC North. Finally the Packers definately won't deal with a team on their 2008 schedule. That discounts the following teams:

New Orleans

But what happens if Favre goes to a mediocre team and after 8 weeks, it gets colder the practices are harder and he's looking at a 4-4 record at best? Does Brett remember that he said he still wanted to play but wasn't willing to put in the work? Has he taken an attitude that the NFL is all about him and what he wants, and then just screws a team by re-retiring midseason?

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There is a simple solution, just stay retired.