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It’s been a while but I can’t help myself today so here are today’s headlines!


Former presidential candidate John Edwards is engaged to longtime mistress Rielle Hunter, according to a report.

The Jan. 17 issue of the National Enquirers says that the ex-North Carolina senator asked the mother of his lovechild to marry him only three weeks after burying his wife, Elizabeth, who died from cancer. The couple is said to be tying the knot some time this summer.

Editorial comment:
I’m sure he can’t wait to knock up someone else on the side!

Katie Couric: Muslim Cosby Show Needed To Fight Anti-Muslim Bigotry

Katie Couric has said that she thought of a way to end some of the hatred and bigotry in America – aMuslim equivalent to the “Cosby Show”

Editorial Comment:
Yes, I agree, The Cosby Show did wonders for the image of Blacks in America after the Blacks declared Jihad and destroyed skyscrapers in New York.

Viking Found 'Organics' on Mars...

More than 30 years after NASA's Viking landers found no evidence for organic materials on Mars, scientists say a new experiment on Mars-like soil shows Viking did, in fact, hit pay dirt.

The new study was prompted by the August 2008 discovery of powerful oxygen-busting compounds known as perchlorates at the landing site of another Mars probe called Phoenix.

Editorial comment:
I’m sorry, I thought this was going to be a story about Brett Favre.

Court ruling opens the door to more nudity on TV...

Call it full moon rising -- soon, there could be bare butts all over the boob tube.

The US Second Circuit Court of Appeals has vacated the $1.21 million worth of fines that the FCC levied against ABC after alleging that the network violated broadcast indecency standards for daring to show actress Charlotte Ross' naked behind during a 2003 episode of "NYPD Blue."

When overthrowing the fine, the court cited the FCC's own declaration that "nudity itself is not per se indecent." It also reiterated that the FCC's context-based indecency test is "unconstitutionally vague," as previously determined by the court when the FCC demanded fines from Fox when profanities were aired during the 2006 Billboard Music Awards.

Editorial Comment:

Additional Comment by Marge Simpson:
” Fox turned into a hardcore sex channel so gradually, I didn't even notice.”

From the episode “Lisa’s Wedding” aired March 19, 1995

China plans $1.3 billion 'seven-star hotel'...
Beijing authorities plan to build a "seven-star hotel" modelled after Dubai's Burj Khalifa -- the world's tallest building -- in a $1.3 billion joint project with Saudi Arabia.

The hotel will be erected in western Beijing's Mentougou district some 30 kilometres (18 miles) from the Chinese capital's centre, the state-run BeijingMorning Post said in a Thursday report, quoting a local parliamentary meeting.

Editorial comment:
Priceline's new commercial will probably sound something like “Seven-star hotels at five-star prices!”

That's the news... I hope it was as good for you as it was for me!

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