Thursday, January 06, 2011

Ted Williams: Private Sector Success

It may only have been the fifth day of 2011 year but feel good story of the year may have just happened in my own back yard.

The man with the golden voice: Ted Williams, a panhandler in Columbus, Ohio who literally overnight went from homeless to having a dream career doing voice over work with the Cleveland Cavilers, the NFL and other media outlets.

Look at the timeline here. First a private citizen records a video, an audition video if you will, and posts it to YouTube (owned by Google Inc. NASTAQ: GOOG).

The Columbus Dispatch (privately owned) posted the video to their website generating media buzz.

The Cleveland Cavilers (privately owned sports franchise) courts Williams with the website

While most media types will focus on the inspirational factors of his story, such as his overcoming addiction; his spiritual awakening and surviving homlessness; the real story here is that Williams became a success without the help of government!

Ted Williams has immense vocal talent. From the YouTube Video where he his just goofing off talking about classic sole, I find myself wanting to hear that voice.

He also has what it takes in the free market to succeed. He tried. With little resources other than a hand-printed sign and a busy intersection he auditioned until someone noticed him. Soon he will be the voice of NFL Films, the Cavaliers and many, many commercials I’m sure.

Humble beginnings are common among America’s great success stories. Facebook started in a dorm room. Apple Computer began in a garage. On the other hand, Amtrak finds it’s roots in congress.

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