Saturday, August 27, 2005

It's almost 3:30 am and here I am

Friday night has come and gone. And here it is, the wee hours of the morning. No I'm not drunk (the spelling errors come with soberity). In fact not a drink all night.

Tonight I decided to rent a video game. The X-Box and I haven't spent quality time together in quite a while (And I don't care what Canton Highschool principals say, I don't beieve you can get pregnant from a video game!). So I played Lego Star Wars tonight. Got through the whole game in one night. I'm glad I didn't make a purchase of this one.

But sitting here and looking at the clock knowing what else I could have done. But I doubt I can sleep now. You see I had the windows open all week, becaue it cooled off quite a bit. But the humidity came back yesterday and I'm not quite sure it would be conducive to sleep now that it's muggy in my house.

So here I am, blogging while the world is sleeping. Even the west coast chat rooms are dead. I've got a couple IM's going with some fellow insomniacs, but it's just chit chat.

I swear I'm not much of a homebody. Sure the past few months I have been but that was because I was virtually living a relationship. I was supposed to be involved by now. But it wasn't meant to be. And single life sometimes sucks. I mean sure I could have drunk myself to sleep, but at what price? A saturday hangover and a "what the hell was I thinking when I kissed her" regret.

At least with the video game I got a free movie rental next week!

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