Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Stupid conversations... or conversations with stupid people

I was out minding my own business having a beer at a local pub a couple weeks ago. This is how a lot of my stories start, by the way. So this blonde woman starts talking to me.

I figure that talking to some stranger was probably more productive than reading the local left-wing biased entertainment paper. So There I was talking to a complete stranger at a bar. It turns out that she works for AOL. So as all people in the technology industry do, the topic eventually turned to offshore outsourcing. I happened to mention that I'm the only Caucasian programmer in my department. She told me I must be really smart.

Supid conversation or conversation with a stupid person? You decide!

So today I came home from work for lunch. I didn’t have any cash and needed to buy bread and pay my bills. Unfortunately when I arrive at my front door my neighbor I won't let you guess: he's definitely a stupid person.

So as I'm exiting my car and walking up to our mutual front porch he tells me that he saw a car kit that would "look sweet on your car." A little background information is due here. My neighbor is Mr. Immobile, and this is what he drives. Yes definitely a stupid person.

So I replied to his suggestion of a car kit by saying, "I'm not putting that $#!* on my car." I don't normally speak in expletives but it was such a stupid suggestion. Then I felt bad because his young daughter was right there too. Maybe they'll move now that they know I'm a bad influence on children.

But that's besides the point.

I continued to try and convince him why I don't want him stylizing my car. I told him it devalues the vehicle and really makes you look like you have no taste whatsoever. I mean think about it, you might see some teenager with a tricked out Honda, but you never see an investment banker with neon lights around the base of his BMW. There are just some things you don't do when you're actually concerned with appearance.

I guess this was just a stupid conversation with a stupid person.


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Token Asian said...

Cool! Your blog is back up!

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