Sunday, August 07, 2005

Welcome Back...

Welcome back to the Adventures of Andy. It's been a while and don't ever expect an explanation for that. Life went on hold for a while and while I'm just now trying to figure out what it was all about, I am ready to move on and get back into my life.

No I wasn't in a coma or rehab, it was a woman. (and that's ABSOLUTELY all you're getting!)

There will be, however, a few changes.

First off, there will be little to no personal blogging. My dating life is no longer for public consumption. The stupid stuff, like a funny story about buying socks will still be here. You know something where, say, I go to target to buy socks, and while I'm there an army recruiter asks me to join up. I tell him that I've already got a career but fully support the mission, he then hands me a rifle and asks me to prove my marksmanship on the dairy isle.

Needless to say that would be really funny to write about if it were to really happen. But I was at Target today and that didn't happen, but I did get some low calorie fruit drinks!

As for the other changes, this is really just a temporary stop for my permanent blog. Yes I'm building my own blog site. Something a little more customized to my style than the Blogger template.

Finally there will be a more spiritual perspective in some of what I write. Yes I'm a Christian, I'm not afraid to say it and I will defend those beliefs online and in my life.

Don't worry, Action Figure Theatre is coming back!

See you online


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