Monday, February 20, 2006

Causing trouble on President’s day

Having a beard is a lot of fun. First off you get 3 extra minutes in the morning which I usually put toward sleep or getting out of the car and making sure the front door is locked. You can also claim to have a kinship with famous bearded people like Chuck Norris, Jesus and the bearded woman.

It really is worth the Al Qaeda jokes and superficial accusations.

But today is President’s day and that’s a great opportunity for trouble.

Several years ago I was attending a Cinco de Mayo (note this Mexican holiday has NOTHING to do with Mayonnaise) party at my favorite neighborhood pub. At one point Frenchie showed up wearing a sombrero, poncho, 2 bandoleers of bullets and a fake moustache. His excuse for the getup was “People pretend to be Irish on St. Patrick ’s Day I want to pretend to be Mexican on Cinco de Mayo!”

But today isn’t Cinco de Mayo, nor is it St. Patrick’s day it is President’ day, the conglomeration of Lincoln’s and Washington’s Birthdays (and according to some, all presidents, even William Henry Harrison who was only president for a month).

The idea for this came up when I was talking to Abby and she suggested I get some black poster board (which I have) and make a stovepipe hat. Then reshape my facial hair to look like Lincoln and come to work as our 16th president.

Hey, if everyone can pretend to be Irish on March 17, Mexican on May 5, why can’t I be Linconln on the third Monday of February?

However Sunday’s laziness kept me from accomplishing this, however I may be halfway to a Halloween costume.

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