Tuesday, February 14, 2006

The Sweetest thing

What a title for Valentines Day, however this has nothing to do with my love life. However for some of you I’m sure you’ll find this a topic to fall in love with, for others, well just deal with it! This is my blog, damnit!

Just a quick aside, Microsoft Word does not recognize the word “damnit” It wants me to replace it with the suggestions: dam nit, admit, demit, dimwit or DeMint.

[insert dimwit joke here]

Back to the task at hand.

Sometime around the first of the year I changed my daily routine here at work. When I make my morning coffee, oh for all you Starbucks addicts out there I only ever drink the free stuff here at work. Why? Because I’d rather put money toward my mortgage than a $6 cup of coffee! Think about it you can get a six-pack of Miller Lite for that price! I’m not saying that one vice is better than the other, I’m just saying that if you’re going to pick a substance that helps you get through the day, run the numbers!

Did I get sidetracked again? Sorry. That’s the danger of stream-of-consciousness writing.

For the past couple months I’ve been making my coffee with Spelnda rather than using sugar in my coffee. According to Splenda.com Splenda is 600 time sweeter than sugar.

First off how do they determine that. Did someone eat one tablespoon of Splenda then just shovel in spoonfuls of sugar until something was as sweet as that first spoonful? After 600 spoons of sugar I think I’d just barf.

So today I went back to sugar… The Splenda container was almost out and sugar was easier to reach. Now I don’t know about 600 times sweeter but I always used less Splenda than Sugar in my coffee, and today that I’ve used sugar, I notice that this coffee tastes like... well, coffee!

Using Splenda did make my coffee more palatable, or at least sweeter, and I think that’s why I was finally able to make it to the bottom of the cup. Until the invention of this artificial sweetener I rarely made it past half way through my SDF-1 mug, but recently I’ve been drinking damn near to the bottom!

Now I’m sitting here trying to come up with the moral to this story and I’m beginning to think that this is the kind of story that doesn’t have a moral (Unlike stories that begin “So me and Dick Cheney were out hunting one day…”). I guess I’m just saying that Splenda really is sweeter than sugar, and when you can’t taste your coffee you drink more of it.


Annie Street said...

Andy, honey...why don't you just drink your coffee black? No Splenda or sugar or even the stuff in the yellow, pink, or blue packets to pollute the wonderful taste of your coffee! And don't even get me started on the numerous varieties of coffee creamers on the market. Vanilla, hazelnut, Irish creme, etc...That alone is enough to make a serious coffee lover go insane!

By the way, I also drink the free stuff at work...but ours costs 25 cents per cup. I think you get my general idea, though. :-P

Martin said...

Funny... I always also drink like half the cup, then throw away the rest..

I should bring my SDF-1 mug to work, I drink coffee from a small plastic cup?.. Why!?