Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Death and Taxes

It’s tax time. So this week I gathered up my tax forms, receipts, deductions and every other piece of financial information that would help me avoid that one thing we all dread most: Owing the IRS on April 15.

Now I hope I haven’t got pessimistic, and it’s just the subject matter here, but there’s no way to win when it comes to taxes (except maybe setting up residence in some country with no tax laws… but that sounds like a lot of work). Even if I don’t owe on tax day I also get a sinking feeling when I get a return check from Uncle Sam.

Oh, that reminds me, it wasn’t until only a few weeks ago that I finally realized that Uncle Sam has the same initials as United States. I need to start paying closer attention.

You see, when you get money back from the government it means that you should have had that money all year anyway!

I swear I’m not putting this much mental effort into dying. I don’t dread dying, probably because I can do that without the help of a CPA. Not that I don’t love my CPA. I met her in a bar and she was quite inebriated. Okay that’s probably not the best of credentials, but once she sobered up she did a great job for me last year. And sober she knows how to find a write-off by sense of smell!

But where are we as a society when we’re dreading reconciling our accounts with the government more than reconciling our accounts with the Almighty.

Maybe, I just have an inside track on the later.

I’ll give you a hint, that Jesus guy was right!


Anonymous said...

If you hate the thought of getting a return because you could have had that same money working for you during the year, then why didn't you file ASAP?

- Gibs

azoric said...

I was a little pre occupied with football season this year.