Monday, April 24, 2006

More Movie Crap

Have you seen the previews for Mel Gibson's "Apocolypto"?

If not Click here.

and if you're looking REALLY close you might see Mel himself !

hey, I'd stop taking movies so seriously too if I got snubbed for my film about Jesus!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

1680 days since United 93

Watch this trailer and come back when the emotion settles down a bit.
I heard that this movie really makes you hate the terrorists. They're the true badguys in this movie... which is something that hollywood has avoided since 9/11. They've changed some Tom Clancy movies so the terrorists weren't Arabs. On Lost the Muslum is the sincere thoughtful type and the take charge southern guy is the jerk.

Now after hearing a review of this film I want to see it. Kind of like Passion of the Christ you are drawn into a story of which you already know the ending, and you wish it would end differently, but you know it won't.

Now the controversy around this movie comes from people saying "it's too soon" "I don't want to reopen a wound."

Hearing anonymous liberals say things like that doesn't phase me, but when a friend of mine said it I was able to see our differences in thinking. For me 9/11 wasn't a wound that will eventually heal and be as good as ever. 9/11 to me was tantamount to loosing a leg. It would forever change the way I walk, with no means of going back.

I walk a little taller these days.

That brings me to the 2 types of people in America since 9/11. There are those who wish it never happened and don't want to be reminded that it ever did. They don't want us to fight terrorism and say the war is illegitimate. They go on to protest the Patriot Act and say that containment and appeasement is the way to peace.

Then there are those of us who saw the real reality of 9/11. And we're doing everything we can to stop it from ever happening again.

Dustin commented to me, "This type of behavior was forecasted in the early days after 9/11 when nearly everyone, even liberals, were showing patriotism. People said that one day the patriotism would wear off and Americans would start blaming one another."

Hopefully you felt the emotion watching that preview you felt that surge of emotion that had the pinkest of upper west-siders calling for blood after this tragic day. I know I felt it.

Is it too soon for this movie?

I say was Tobey Keith's song too soon?

Was it too soon for Battlestar Galactica to make parallels between 9/11 and the Cylon invasion?

Was it too soon to fight back?

I give credit to producer/writer/director Paul Greengrass (Bloody Sunday, The Bourne Identity) credit for making this movie. Is it too soon? I say it is not soon enough!

Regarding the 2 groups of Americans described above I give one group credit for this fact: 1,680 days without a terrorist event on this country's soil... and counting

"Let's roll!"
-- last known words of Flight 93 passenger Todd Beamer

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

In the news..

The Adventures of Andy presents:
In The News
State pans decision to show inmates 'Brokeback Mountain'
Gay cowboy movie to be shown at stat prison.
Well, that's one way to get more people to see this movie. Nobody saw it in the theaters and you don't get a more captive audience than inmates!

Second from the Sun: European Probe Enters Venus Orbit
Europe's Venus Express probe entered orbit around Venus early Tuesday to begin a planned 16-month mission to study a planet.
Why does it not surprise me that a space mission from Europe would go to the planet where all the women are supposedly from?

Air trends 'amplifying' warming
Reduced air pollution and increased water evaporation appear to be adding to man-made global warming.
So Global warming was caused by air pollution... and now it's being caused by clean air... how bout it's a natural phenonomon that is beyond human controll!

I promise better joke next week!