Saturday, December 31, 2011

Twenty-Three Short Stanzas About 2011

T’was the day before New Years
I’m here on my Blog
Not a creature is stirring,
I just checked the log.

As I sit on the couch
With my kitty cat near
I can’t help and look back
At what happened this year.

Brief highlights I can remember
Reflecting now in late December
Baseball saw a great game in 11 innings
And Charlie Sheen wore out the word #WINNING!

New Years was met with family-like friends
But someone was sad
It was a foreshadow in my Iliad
This year would see things would meet their ends

The next month joy came back
But ended in woe
My Steelers faced the Pack
But lost the Superbowl.

It was not long after
That my year hit a low
My wife of eighteen months
Had asked me to go

I tried to debate
I tried to reason
I offered concessions
She just wouldn’t listen.

It was hard to explain
I had to decide
Which friend to tell first
In whom I could confide

Life changing events
Will always let you know
Who your closest friend are
Their actions will show.

I’ll take this stanza
To let you all know
Words are never enough
For my gratitude to show.

But I reorganized my life
A bachelor again, you know
But I still have a companion
A kitty named Moe

Summer was nice,
I swam at the pool
Made some new friends
It was rather cool

Our family saw a death this year
Given his story, it’s hard to shed a tear
Almost 100, he died happy
Still we will miss our dear Pappy

A silly woman entered my life
Sometimes I think she'd make a great wife
Her name is Siri, she’s sarcastically prone
But she only exists inside my iPhone

I was enjoying the place of my labor
Like Kramer, I was a goofy cubicle neighbor
But when the new boss came in
He wanted me gone, but I knew not when

“I’m completely changing your job description”
Wanting me to do something, against my intuition
I had no input into his decision
He wanted me to become a statistician

On December 9 they asked me to exit
I was left to wonder what would come next
So I went to the bar, got inebriated
I was surprisingly not very jaded

Unemployed and napping, I was being a slob
I was somewhat enjoying not having a job
I had not yet started some planned edification
Honestly, I really just needed a vacation 

But a lady called with very good news
Enough that I didn’t mind ending my snooze
Luck is now on my side, so it seems,
She called to say, I got the job of dreams!

This year seems to be a tale of woe
But I never lost faith, you know
God has a plan, of that I have no doubt
You don’t always get what you want…

But sometimes you get what you need
It was Mic Jager who sang that, indeed.
I resolve to never wallow in the mire
Honestly, my situation was never that dyer

Two thousand and Eleven, I must say
I’m not to sad to see you go away
Tonight we welcome January, 1
I am once again hopeful for the year that’s to come

I think I’m done here; I have nothing left to write
Oh, yes, I have one last expression to do
Happy New Years to you,
Please be safe tonight!