Monday, December 01, 2008

I’m still alive!

Okay it’s been a while… it’s not that I haven’t been expressing myself online, you can check me out at where I’m the Buckeye Examiner (and there’s cash involved too!)

But a lot has happened since my celebrity sightings… Obama won turning us potentially into the USSA.

The wedding planning is ongoing, when I get a chance to update it I’ll have our wedding blog site up and running.

Krystle and mom bonded over black Friday shopping. I was scheduled to join them but at the last minute my Jack Bauer approach to shopping probably caused my invitation to be rescinded. Remember I as a man I don’t browse products to buy I hunt for them and with laser guided focus I ignore all other sales. I was planning itineraries, charts and cell phone logistics to maximize the potential for black Friday deals.

This is not how a woman shops.

But wouldn’t it be great if one season of 24 took place on black Friday? The following takes place between 6:00 Am and 7:00 AM

Phone rings
Jack, you have to get out of Best Buy, the Wii’s just got restocked at Wal Mart.

Chloe, there’s no time!

That would probably get more women to watch the show.