Thursday, April 30, 2009

Can this be filed under “saving the relationship?”

I couldn’t do it… I just couldn’t bring myself to watch the Obama Press conference last night. Not only did President Obama call a press conference to basically say that after one hundred days in office, he has not been impeached, no states have seceded from the union and there have been no attacks from invading armies… yet.

I’ve been at my job for well more than 100 days. Do I get a press conference?

But I did not watch because Krystle came over after her workout with her trainer and as we do on Wednesdays, have dinner and watch Lost. That’s another thing that upset me about this press conference. Sure I’m willing to skip an episode in the final season of Scrubs, only to watch it online later. But do NOT preempt LOST! I swore if I did have to miss Lost I would run against Obama in 2012 on that platform… That and the Fair Tax.

A typical occurrence when Obama is on TV is me sitting there engaged in debate with the president. He seems to ignore my rebuttal but somehow I usually end up ahead on points. Krystle has threatened to make me go downstairs and play Mario Kart on the Wii if I don’t stop. But since the Wii is at her house I decided to just not catch up on some unwatched shows on my DVR.

Tonight’s selection: GI Joe Resolute. This may be the GI Joe cartoon I’ve waited my whole life to see. It is definitely grown up from the 80’s cartoon, which by todays standards may be a little cheesy, so not much of a cheese factor here. But plenty of blood and guts, and even a few good guys not surviving the experience. Basically a globetrotting animated 24 that doesn’t take place in real time. Of course I’m not the first person to compare GI Joe to 24. Wizard Magazine once said “GI Joe makes the spies on 24 look like CIA washouts!”

The action is similar to the comic books, specifically the more recent Devil’s Due Publishing run, though this is an original story. The cast is mostly original. The voice acting was pretty good, but how great would it have been to reassemble the original cast. Yes I know there are cast members who have passed away so that is impossibility.

The animation was updated for the 21st century as well. The character models seem to be built on a hybrid Japanese/American style of animation. It works well.

The story is solid, works in some cool military sci-fi gadgets but does go PC in a couple places. Sure Scarlet, one of the few female Joes comes out of a fight unscathed while her male partner takes a non-lethal bullet. Also the Dialtone character is reprised as a woman. Not a mainstream enough character to be as offensive as Battlestar Galactica’s reprising of Starbuck as a woman, but sill a change nonetheless.

We finished with GI Joe at about 8:53 in time to hear President Obama give the final answer of his press conference. After a couple minutes I asked, “Is he just talking to hear himself talk?” as his words lacked clear cohesion of thought. After the president left the podium ABC’s Charlie Gibson gave a synopsis of the event calling the most interesting question: “What has surprised you the most? Humbled you the most? Enchanted you the most?”

I didn’t know People Magazine covered presidential press conferences. I did learn this morning that question was asked by a New York Times reporter.

Enchanted, really?

If journalism isn’t already dead, it’s on life-support and that reporter just pulled the plug!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I’ll take my chances

Swine flu, the world-ending crisis-of-the-week, seems to have captured the attention, hearts and imagination of the global reporting community. I especially mean the part about capturing the imagination.

Wile hundreds of reported cases are confirmed, a representative of the WHO has said that there are only seven confirmed deaths, not the more than 150 figure that was previously thrown around.

I am one person, there are seven reported deaths. There are well more than six billion people on the planet.

That works out to about a one in 857,142,857chance of dying from this “pandemic”. Or as Porky Pig might say:
“One in eight hudre… ba de, eight hundred fifty-seven mil, ba de, one in eight… a really big number.”
That makes this about the least likely cause of death in the world right now.

I think I’ll be okay on my own, Mr. President, and I don’t need the government coming in to take over the healthcare industry because of this perceived crisis.

That being said, I suddenly feel better about the bacon I had for breakfast today.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Why my fiancé can now never be Miss USA

...Okay, besides the fact that she’s going to be a Mrs. before the next pageant.

Sunday the goal was to be home by 7:00 so Krystle could watch the Miss USA pageant. We got there in the nick of time and as soon as the contestants were introduced Krystle was barking at the girls in their bikinis. “Eat a cheeseburger!” “Look at her walk it’s too stiff” “Tone up your legs!”

This is the same woman who yells at me to go downstairs and play Mario Kart when I start debating with the man giving the State Of The Union Address!


Of course, little did we know that politics was about to enter the pageant with the final question for Miss California. She was asked about her views on gay marriage by openly gay celebrity bloger Perez Hilton.

Before I quote her answer a little recent history is called for. This past November when it seemed that left wing radical ideals were all the rage across the country, the blue state of California had a gay marriage proposal on the ballot. That issue went down like a Led Zeppelin. It wasn’t even close! Since then there have been attempts to subvert democracy and institutionalize gay marriage via courts. This is the epitome of what is meant by a vocal minority. And a vocal minority that enforces its values on a silent majority is called fascism.
Now that we have established the views of the minority and majority of Californians on this issue it should come as no surprise that a randomly selected citizen of the golden state would statistically fall in the majority.

So what was Perez Hilton so upset about when his question received the following answer:

“We live in a land where you can choose same-sex marriage or opposite. And you
know what, I think in my country, in my family, I think that I believe that a
marriage should be between a man and a woman. No offense to anybody out there,
but that's how I was raised.”
Kudos to Miss Carrie Prejean for standing up for what you believe. Double kudos to your parents for raising you right. And a final round of kudos for exposing the Miss USA pageant for what it is: an agenda-driven leftist biased all lefties club where even if you have the best body, best smile, best walk and best answers, if you don’t agree with what the judges personal bias you not only will not win the crown, the judge will lambaste you on his blog.

But not this blog; here we like you, Carrie. You may never get that national crown, but you’re a voice for all those tea partiers out there! And yes, my fiancé, who competed for Miss Ohio a year ago, would have given a very similar answer.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Running the numbers

President Obama has called for $100 million in cuts from the 3.5 trillion dollar budget.

Let’s look at these numbers next to each other

......$100,000,000.00 in cuts from
$3,500,000,000,000.00 federal budget.

Let’s put it this way. If the entire federal budget were one dollar, then you would have to make that cut 350 times before you would have cut one full penny from the budget.

In other words, Obama has successfully called for cutting one thirty-five thousandth of the budget.

And you wonder why people are assembling in masses to protest this reckless spending!