Monday, October 13, 2008

Celebrity Sightings

It’s funny how you can spot a famous person you’re note expecting to see. Friday night I was with my fiancĂ©, Krystle, who was working a Corona promotion. Normally I only drink Corona once a year on May 5th, but to support her cause I made an exception.
The promotion took place at a bar near Campus. Being a warm enough night there was lots of activity on the patio and many, many students wandering the sidewalk. Amongst the students of varying levels of clothing quality and inebriation I spotted an older gentleman with a bow tie. No not my dad, but the rock star of college presidents, Ohio State’s own G. Gordon Gee.

The thing about Dr. Gee is that he’s popular among students. I’m not sure if they just think he’s the guy who has those late-night tv commercials about money from the government, but he was swarmed by young buckeyes and posed for pictures and shook hands with as many as came up to him.

Then, and more importantly, on Sunday Krystle and I were in southern Ohio at the Bob Evan’s festival. I had asked a bean vendor (yes, a bean vendor!) where she got her McCain/Palin button. She said they were ordered online and there was no [official] GOP presence there (I did count about a half-dozen t-shirts supporting the republican ticket). The lady did inform me that Sarah Palin may be speaking at the Gallipolis Wal Mart. I told Krystle and said we should try and go, since we had to head that way anyway to pick up a camera.

Without any solid plans to attend Gov. Palin’s rally we were a few blocks away when we saw a motorcade of police motorcycles. Krystle tells me “We don’t have police like that around here!”

That’s when I spotted a bus coming around the corner. “That’s the Strait talk express!” I shouted.
Krystle said for me to roll down the window, which I had temporally forgotten how to do in the excitement.

I leaned into my car horn and held a big thumb up out the window while Krystle yelled “WE LOVE YOU SARAH!!!”

No word on if the VP candidate heard us but the bus driver waved at me!

Friday, October 10, 2008

Right now the DJIA is at 8,303.44

As of this post the Dow Jones Industrial Average is 8,303.44. This is roughly half of its all-time high.

At this point it's important to remember my Finance professor from college who once told me "We will likely see the Dow hit 20,000 in our lifetime [this was right around the time it hit 10,000 for the first time], but we might see 6 along the way."

This is a trend, just like that 90's dotcom boom. The thing about trends is that they are pretty consistent right up until they end.